Gold Avenue Review: A free secure place for your physical gold

Gold Avenue is one of the best and reliable way to buy and store physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

What is Gold Avenue?

Gold Avenue is an online platform that offers a secure and reliable way to buy and store physical gold. As an official online reseller of the MKS PAMP GROUP, a Swiss family group with a global reputation in the precious metals sector, Gold Avenue has become a trusted source for those looking to invest in gold.

How Does Gold Avenue Offer Storage Services?Physical FREE storage at your fingertips up to 8.500£

One of the unique advantages of Gold Avenue is its fully allocated and outside of the banking system storage solution. 
Precious metals bars and coins stored in their vaults are fully insured against theft, loss, and damages, giving investors peace of mind. 
Additionally, Gold Avenue offers three storage options: up to £8,500 for free, up to £85,000 for just £8 a month with three months of free storage, and above £85,000 for just 0.5% a year, with custom pricing tailored to your portfolio and a dedicated key account manager.

Can the precious metals I store with GOLD AVENUE be physically delivered to me?Resell instantly with 0% commission

Gold Avenue also offers a resell option with 0% commission. You can conveniently sell your stored products back to them 24/7, and the value of your products is monitored in real-time to help you make a decision. 

Instead If you want to redeem your stored products, you can request to have them physically delivered to you at any time by accessing your personal account. Gold Avenue offers shipping with trusted international shipping companies, and all packages are securely wrapped and insured against theft, damage, and loss. 
Shipping times typically range from 4-10 business days depending on your location. Please check their pricing page for a list of countries and standard shipping prices.

It’s important to note that products labeled as “VAT-FREE” are for storage purposes only and cannot be delivered to you. However, you can still sell these products back to them at any time with 0% commission.

Also, It’s important to note that Gold Avenue only sells fully allocated precious metals, meaning that the products you purchase are 100% yours and are off their balance sheet. Stored products are fully insured and physically stored in their allocated and segregated vaults in Switzerland, outside the banking system, but they remain redeemable 24/7, through your online wallet.

And the good news it that there are no hidden fees or commissions when selling your stored products back to Gold Avenue. They offer instant buyback at spot price without any fees or commissions.

Fully allocated, Fully allocated, Insured, Secure, Affordable
Resell instantly with 0% commission
Good Customer Service

Is Gold Avenue a reputable and reliable company to purchase gold from?

In summary, Gold Avenue is a reliable and secure option for those looking to invest in physical gold. Their fully allocated and outside of the banking system storage solution, resell option with 0% commission, and convenient redemption options make them a convenient choice for investors. 

With pricing starting from free storage up to custom pricing tailored to your portfolio, Gold Avenue offers options for investors of all levels. 

Gold is often considered a safe-haven asset during times of economic uncertainty and inflation. This is because gold has historically maintained its value over time and has been seen as a store of value for centuries. During times of inflation, the purchasing power of paper currencies may decrease, but the value of gold tends to rise as investors seek a reliable hedge against inflation. However, it’s important to note that investing in gold also carries risks and is subject to market fluctuations. As with any investment, it’s important to do your research and assess your risk tolerance before making any decisions.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there are several other factors that make gold a compelling investment in 2023.

One such factor is the potential for rising inflation. Inflation has been on the rise in many countries, including the US, as governments have printed more money to stimulate their economies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Historically, gold has been a reliable hedge against inflation, as its value tends to rise along with prices.

Another factor is the ongoing global uncertainty caused by the pandemic and geopolitical tensions. These uncertainties can lead to market volatility and economic instability, which in turn can make investors more inclined to seek out safe-haven assets like gold.

Finally, the demand for gold is also driven by its use in various industries, including electronics, jewelry, and medicine. As these industries continue to grow, the demand for gold is likely to remain strong.

Overall, saving in gold can provide a secure and stable investment option for those looking to protect their wealth and diversify their portfolios in 2023.

Gold Avenue is the online retailer for the MKS PAMP GROUP that has more than 60 years of experience.
Buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
Gold Avenue offers secure storage options.
If you decide to resell your metals in storage, you won’t be charged any commissions.
Best Gold Company in UK & Europe
Fully allocated, Fully allocated, insured, secure, affordable

For USA citizens they don’t offer IRA services.
Gold Avenue is not a BBB accredited business.
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