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Excellent online accounting software for small businesses: Limited companies, Partnerships & LLP, Sole traders and Landlords

FreeAgent is the best and simple software for invoicing, quotations, project tracking, payroll, VAT returns, Corporation tax, End of Year filing, and Self Assessment.

If you have a company or just you are Sole Trader or Landlord FreeAgent can save you time and money!

FreeAgent Review: FreeAgent is simple and straightforward to use.

The main features are:

Create Estimates in Minutes
Time Tracking
Self Assessment
End of Year filling

With FreeAgent you can create estimates in minutes:

Send your estimates to clients and track whether they are approved or rejected.
Build your own workflow of proposals, quotes, and estimates.
When the work’s complete, convert your estimate into an invoice.
Generate estimates in more than 25 different languages and in any currency, with exchange rates imported daily.
Choose from a gallery of professionally designed estimate template.

With FreeAgent, you can create and send professional invoices and get paid faster, thanks to the different templates done for you.

Furthermore, through an invoice, you can get paid by credit/debit card, direct debit, and PayPal, and also FreeAgent chase late payer through automated email reminders.

Your Invoice Timeline lets you see what’s been paid, what’s due and what’s overdue.
Choose from a gallery of templates.
Brand your invoices with your own logo.
Create and customize automated late payment reminders and thank you emails.
Invoice your clients in a variety of currencies and languages.
Take client payments online with Stripe, GoCardless, and PayPal.
Set up automatically recurring invoices that send themselves.

Capture and record all your receipts

With FreeAgent you can snap expense receipts and upload them to your account from your phone, can plan ahead with a clear view of upcoming recurring expenses, and divide the expenses into categories.

Simple expense tracking
Snap and store your expense receipts
Keep track of employee expenses
Claim expenses in any currency
Record mileage claims for business travel

With FreeAgent, you may be tracking all the income and expenses of your projects 

Clearly see project profitability, including income, time, and expenses
Define project tasks and track status as they are completed
Set a fixed price or time-based project budgets
Add notes to projects to keep a log of progress
Get project-level P&L reports

With FreeAgent you can track every minute of the time you spend on projects with a simple time-tracking software:

Track billable and unbillable time
Track your time on desktop, mobile and tablet
Track time against tasks charged at different rates
Generate timesheet reports and email them to clients
Enter time manually or use the in-built stopwatch time

FreeAgent is fully-integrated with a payroll software, including the RTI submissions to HMRC.

FreeAgent is fully-integrated with a payroll software, including the RTI submissions to HMRC.

FreeAgent file the PAYE and National Insurance calculation directly to HMRC. 
Pain-free payroll system
Submit Real Time Information (RTI) directly to HMRC
Generate payslips and P60s that you can print or share online
Support for student loans, Maternity, Paternity pay, and Employment Allowance

Bank Feed: Connect your bank account to FreeAgentWith FreeAgent, you can track your business’s incoming and outgoing automatically.

Seamless syncing with bank feeds
FreeAgent automatically explains new transactions based on previous descriptions to save even more time
Simple and clear bank account charts, including aggregated account balances
Support for multi-currency bank accounts
Search your transactions easily by description, category, or amount.

FreeAgent lets you see 90 days ahead into your predicted cashflow future

FreeAgent’s Cashflow calculation is updated automatically based on the data in your account. Is a smart tool to predict your spending and also receiving, including actions like chasing an overdue invoice or paying an upcoming bill.

Get a short-term cashflow forecast that’s automatically updated using the data in your FreeAgent account
Edit events manually to create your own custom cashflow scenarios
Get alerted to any cashflow issues on the horizon with an early warning system
Know what action to take with smart suggestions to guide you through any shortfalls
Send quick invoice reminders from the Cashflow dashboard

Automated accounting and bookkeeping with FreeAgent

FreeAgent automatically builds real-time business accounts from the bank statements, invoices, and expenses that you enter throughout the year.

Create financial reports like profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance, aged debtor and creditors reports, dividend reports, and printable dividend vouchers.

With FreeAgent you generate your VAT returns automatically as you do your books.Yep, FreeAgent automatically generates your MTD-compatible VAT returns, and lets you submit them online directly to HMRC ( and also reminds you when payment is due)

Automatically generates MTD-compatible VAT returns
Enables you to file VAT returns online directly to HMRC
Support for the VAT Flat Rate Scheme
Automatically sets the flat rate percentage to claim the 1% discount
Support for EC Goods and Services
Handles the VAT reverse charge for EU services
Support for both invoice and cash basis returns and switching between them
Handles VAT deregistration

Self Assessment: Complete your tax return online in a few minutes

Yes, with FreeAgent you’re going to know how much tax you own and when you own it, without missing a deadline. Furthermore, you can calculate your Self Assessment liability, prepare your tax return and submit it directly to HMRC.  Sound like magic, but is really simple!

Save time on admin
File your tax return directly to HMRC (if you’re a sole trader or director of a limited company)
Get help with built-in support that help you to understand and fill in the forms.
Never miss a deadline with a breakdown of Self Assessment payments on the tax timeline
Get a detailed tax breakdown without having to contact HMRC

Here at MoneyZoe with love FreeAgent, because is simple and has great features It has saved us so much time and money!

So if you are a Sole Trader or have a Limited Company, FreeAgent is the best choice, so you can focus more on your business and less on bookkeeping and accounting!

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Unlimited users, clients, and projects on all plans
No lengthy contracts or hefty set-up fees to worry about
Very intuitive platform is easy to learn to use
Pricing is a little higher than comparable software
Limited reports

Guide about Self Assessment: When and How to Register

With FreeAgent, you get your Self Assessment ready in just a few minutes!

When to register for Self Assessment
You have to register for Self Assessment with HMRC if you need to send a tax return and you did not send one last year. The deadline for registering for Self Assessment is the 5th October that follows the end of the tax year that the Self Assessment tax return you’re filing relates to. For example, if the tax return relates to the tax year starting 6th April 2021 and ending 5th April 2022, you should register for Self Assessment by 5th October 2022. If you don’t register by the appropriate deadline, you could be fined!

PS: If you registered for Self Assessment and filed a tax return last year, you don’t need to register again.

How to register for Self Assessment
Registering if you’re self-employed: If you’re self-employed, here’s what you need to do if you’re required to register for Self Assessment. For more information checkout HMRC website.

If you already have a business tax account, you can register by signing in to this account and adding Self Assessment to your list of services. You’ll need a Government Gateway user ID and password in order to to sign in to your business tax account.

If you don’t have a business tax account or a Government Gateway user ID, select ‘Create sign in details’ link on the login page and follow the instructions.

You should receive a letter from HMRC with your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number within 10 working days (21 days if you live abroad). You should also receive a separate letter within seven working days with an activation code for your business tax account. You can retrieve a lost UTR number or get a new activation code from HMRC if you lose either of them after they arrive.

Once you’ve received your UTR number and activation code, you can log in to, and activate, your business tax account. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to add Self Assessment to your list of services and file your tax return.

End of Year Filing for UK limited company
With FreeAgent you can File Final Accounts (FRS 105 micro-entity report) directly to Companies House and File the Corporation Tax (CT600) returns directly to HMRC.

Limited companies need to file to Companies House and HMRC at the end of every accounting year and without an accountant can be overwhelming, difficult, and time-consuming, but with FreeAgent, your final accounts report will be automatically generated, and also your Corporation Tax.

In fact, FreeAgent software, after filing the account to Companies House will generate the CT600 from your account, with most of the boxes pre-filled, and file it directly to HMRC.

The form is supported for most micro-entities and includes trading profits (or losses), capital allowances, non-tax-deductible expenses, a tax calculation, and more.

‘End of Year’ section showing a handy view of your company accounts and Corporation Tax figures
Final Accounts (FRS 105 micro-entity reports) automatically generated from the data in your FreeAgent account
Corporation Tax (CT600) return generated from the data in your FreeAgent account with all the boxes pre-filled
CT600A, if you need to disclose an overdrawn director’s loan balance to HMRC
Filing directly to both HMRC and Companies House
Email notifications for submission status updates
Ability to share with your accountant to check it over
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