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Do I need an accountant for a limited company?Accountant for Small Business and for Self Employed

As a business owner in the United Kingdom, you may be wondering if you need an accountant for your limited company. The answer is yes, you do. While you may be able to manage your finances on your own as a sole trader or self-employed individual, running a limited company is a more complex process that requires the expertise of a qualified accountant.

An accountant for small businesses, contractors, and limited companies can help you in a variety of ways. They can assist you with setting up your company, registering for taxes, managing your payroll, preparing your annual accounts, ensuring that you comply with all relevant regulations and saving money in taxes!

When it comes to choosing an accountant for your limited company, it’s important to find a firm with experience and expertise in your industry.

Personally I found that The Accountancy Partnership is a highly recommended firm that offers a range of accounting services for small businesses, contractors, and limited companies.

Based in Wirral and London, The Accountancy Partnership provides expert advice and support to help you manage your finances and grow your business.

Their team of qualified accountants is experienced in working with a range of industries and can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Who Can Benefit from The Accountancy Partnership’s Accounting Services?

Sole Traders
Limited Companies & LLPs
Startup Business
Other Services

Whether you’re a sole trader, self-employed individual, or a limited company, The Accountancy Partnership can help you with all your accounting needs. They offer a range of services, including bookkeeping, tax planning, payroll management, and more.

One of the standout features of The Accountancy Partnership is their commitment to providing affordable accounting services, in fact they offer affordable accounting packages starting from just £24.50 per month. (Plus get 10% Off for the first year).

Sign up to The Accountancy PartnershipGet 10% for your first year

The Accountancy Partnership Services

The Accountancy Partnership offers a comprehensive suite of features to help businesses simplify their accounting and tax tasks. Clients can enjoy unlimited support via phone or email, ensuring that they always have access to expert advice when they need it. The completion of accounts and tax returns is also taken care of, with automated reminders for important deadlines to help clients stay on top of their tasks.

To reduce tax bills, The Accountancy Partnership offers annual tax efficiency reviews, while proactive checks of bookkeeping on Pandle and live chat support ensure that any issues are quickly resolved. Automated bank feeds speed up bookkeeping, and fully Tax Digital compliant VAT returns are completed on behalf of clients.

Quarterly returns are also completed by dedicated accountants, while clients can enjoy unlimited help from a dedicated payroll clerk, with the production of all employee payroll documentation. Automated email reminders for all payroll periods help ensure that payroll tasks are never missed.

Self Assessment tax returns are also completed by a client’s own dedicated accountant, while a mobile app is available to invoice customers and upload receipts. Finally, The Accountancy Partnership offers free representation during an HMRC investigation, providing clients with added peace of mind.

  • Unlimited support via phone or email
  • Completion of your accounts and tax returns
  • Automated reminders for your important deadlines
  • Annual tax efficiency reviews to reduce your tax bill
  • Proactive checks of your bookkeeping on Pandle and live chat support
  • Automated bank feeds to speed up your bookkeeping
  • Fully Tax Digital compliant VAT returns
  • Quarterly returns completed by your dedicated accountant
  • Unlimited help from a dedicated payroll clerk
  • Production of all employee payroll documentation
  • Automated email reminders for all the payroll periods
  • Self Assessment tax returns by your own dedicated accountant
  • Mobile app to invoice customers & upload receipts
  • Free representation during a HMRC investigation

In addition to their comprehensive accounting services, The Accountancy Partnership also provides their clients with access to their free bookkeeping software, Pandle. This user-friendly software has helped over 75,000 small business owners become expert bookkeepers by streamlining every process and removing the stress of bookkeeping. Clients also benefit from live chat and email support from The Accountancy Partnership’s own accountants and bookkeepers, who guide them through every step of the process.

As the largest online accountancy firm in the UK, The Accountancy Partnership has a team of qualified accountants who are well-versed in a variety of accounting software, including Pandle, QuickBooks, and Xero. Unlike some other firms, they don’t assign account managers to clients. Instead, every client is matched with their own dedicated accountant from one of The Accountancy Partnership’s UK-based offices. This approach ensures that clients receive personalised service and their accountant gets to know their business in detail, allowing for tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

Never Miss a Deadline Again with The Accountancy Partnership

The Accountancy Partnership takes care of compiling and submitting your accounts to Companies House and HMRC, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about meeting deadlines. Once they request your records, they handle the rest, leaving you free to review their work and relax. They also complete your tax return, providing help and advice on all tax matters throughout the year, depending on your business type. In the event of an HMRC investigation, The Accountancy Partnership will provide representation for you.

Also, to help you stay on top of your tasks and avoid late fees, The Accountancy Partnership sends regular automated deadline reminders. This ensures that you never miss a deadline and have peace of mind!

The Accountancy Partnership Pros & Cons

Transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
Affordable accounting packages starting from just £24.50 per month
Free bookkeeping software, Pandle, which is easy to use, efficient, and accurate
Live chat and email support provided by their own accountants and bookkeepers
Dedicated accountant assigned to each client
Regular automated email reminders to ensure they never miss a deadline.
No long-term contracts, allowing clients to leave whenever they want.
Regular tax efficiency reviews conducted by dedicated accountants
Some clients have reported slow response or lack of comunication times from their dedicated accountants.
Sign up to The Accountancy PartnershipGet 10% for your first year

The Accountancy Partnership is a reliable and trustworthy accounting firm that can help you manage your finances with ease. However, if you’re not interested in their services, we recommend signing up for FreeAgent software (30 Days FREE Trial + 10% Off).

FreeAgent is an award-winning cloud-based accounting software that can help you stay on top of your accounting tasks, from invoicing to expenses and taxes. With FreeAgent, you can submit your tax return directly to HMRC, ensuring end-to-end compliance for UK limited company micro-entities. You can also submit your VAT return online in minutes, as FreeAgent automatically generates your MTD-compatible VAT returns, lets you submit them online directly to HMRC, and reminds you when payment is due. Plus, if you sign up with our link, you’ll get 10% off for a lifetime. Try FreeAgent today and see how it can simplify your accounting tasks!

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