Asda Cashback: Get 3% Cashback at Asda In-store!

Today is possible to get Asda cashback and turn your everyday grocery expenses into savings by earning cashback on each purchase!

Asda is one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains, renowned for its wide range of products, affordable prices, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for fresh produce, household essentials, or the latest electronics, Asda has got you covered. With its extensive network of stores and a robust online platform, Asda ensures a seamless shopping experience for its customers.

When you use your Suits Me® debit card at Asda, in-store, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re also earning rewards; in fact 3% of what you spend using the Suits Me® card is paid back into your Suits Me® account as cashback.
According to Money Helper, the average household in the UK spends £63.70 on their weekly food shop. By using the Suits Me® card at Asda, you could save up to £1.91 on your weekly shop.This means that every time you shop, you save!

The benefits of cashback with the Suits Me® card extend beyond just Asda. Shoppers can enjoy these rewards across a variety of partner stores and services. Whether you’re dining out, or purchasing household essentials, the Suits Me® card ensures you earn back a portion of your spend, making every transaction more rewarding. It’s not just about Asda; it’s about maximizing your savings wherever you shop.

How Does the Suits Me® Card Work?

The Suits Me® card is more than just a debit card. When you have a Suits Me® account, you gain access to their exclusive cashback programme. This programme offers discounts from a plethora of amazing retailers when you make payments using the Suits Me® debit card. One of the standout features of this programme is the partnership with Asda, where account holders can save 3% on their purchases, when they shop in-store.

Every time you shop with a partner retailer, the cashback you earn accumulates. The Cashback Rebate will be shown on your monthly statement 45 days from the end of the month after the purchase(s).

Suits Me® Card and his benefits

Suits Me® provides a variety of advantages for its members:

  • Instant access to a UK account with no credit check
  • Free Contactless Debit Card and mobile app
  • Cashback Rewards: Earn cashback every time you shop using the Suits Me® card.
  • Multi-lingual Customer Care: Assistance available in 11 different languages.
  • Refer & Earn: Refer friends to apply and use their Suits Me® card and earn £25 per friend. There’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer.
Open your account in 3 minutes with no credit checks Use your Suits Me® card and earn up to 15% cashback

Suits Me® E-Money Accounts: How to choose Your Account

Suits Me® offers three distinct e-money account types, each tailored to meet varying customer needs. Here’s a breakdown of each account type and their differences:

Essential Account:

  • Type: Pay as you go.
  • Monthly Management Fee: None.
  • Features: This account is designed for those who prefer a no-commitment, pay-as-you-go approach. It provides access to a contactless Mastercard® debit card, mobile app,the exclusive cashback reward scheme, and there is an electronic payment in fee of 1.25£ (UK), ATM withdrawals fee of £1.50 and a cash top-up fee of 2.30£+2.6%.

Premium Account:

  • Type: Monthly subscription.
  • Monthly Management Fee: £4.97.
  • Features: In addition to the benefits of the Essential account, the Premium account comes with a monthly fee, free electronic payments-in, 1.25£ ATM withdrawals fee and 1.29£+2.6% cash top-up fee.

Premium Plus Account:

  • Type: Monthly subscription with added benefits.
  • Monthly Management Fee: £9.97.
  • Features: This account offers all the benefits of the Premium account but enjoy four free ATM withdrawals each month and has only 0.80% + 2.6% fee for cash top-up.

Wondering why there’s a fee to transfer money to Suits Me® Card?
Let’s simplify the math: Deposit £200 into your Essential Account and you’ll incur a small fee of £1.25. But here’s the catch: by spending merely £60 at Asda, you earn a 3% cashback, which is £1.80. After deducting the £1.25 fee, you’re still in profit! A small investment can yield greater savings over time. Additionally, with the Suits Me® debit card, you can shop for your daily essentials at Sainsbury’s and enjoy 4% cashback, or get 4% back at Argos.

Visit the Suits Me registration page and start your application

Opening an account with Suits Me is a straightforward and quick process that can be completed online in under 10 minutes. To apply for a Suits Me e-money account, you will need an accepted ID document (either a valid Passport, full UK Driving Licence, or National ID Card if you are an EU resident), a UK address, and to be aged 18 or over.

Enter your personal details

Embarking on your journey with Suits Me is straightforward. Begin by providing basic information like your title, first name, surname, and email address.

Select the account type most suited to your needs

Essential, Premium or Premium Plus account

Verify your identity by completing a live selfie and uploading your ID.

Either a valid Passport, full UK Driving Licence or National ID Card if you are an EU resident

Submit your application and wait for your application to be processed and check your email to see if you have been accepted.

Once completed, you will receive a contactless Mastercard® debit card and have access to the online money account and mobile app.

Before starting the application, ensure you have:

  • An accepted ID document (valid Passport, full UK Driving Licence, or National ID Card if you are an EU resident).
  • A UK address.
  • You must be aged 18 or over.
Open your account in 3 minutes with no credit checks Use your Suits Me® card and earn up to 15% cashback

Suits Me® Cashback Partners

Step into a realm of discounts with Suits Me® Cashback Partners. From household items at Argos to the newest styles at New Look, each buy gets you nearer to enticing cashback deals. Be it redoing your home with B&Q, dressing up with Clarks, or giving special moments via Virgin Experience Days, cashback rewards are up for grabs. Shop wisely, gain more, and maximize your money with Suits Me®.

  1. Argos Cashback
  2. Asda Cashback
  3. B&Q Cashback
  4. Bella Italia Cashback
  5. Café Rouge Cashback
  6. Carpetright Cashback
  7. Clarks Cashback
  8. Foot Locker Cashback
  9. Las Iguanas Cashback
  10. Halfords Cashback
  11. JoJo Maman Bebe
  12. Laithwaite’s Wines Cashback
  13. New Look Cashback
  14. Sainsbury’s Cashback
  15. Storey Carpets Cashback
  16. Virgin Experience Days Cashback
  17. Yo! Sushi! Cashback

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